Founded by international performance artist Harley Fox, The Urban Fox Circus​ is a collective of dedicated performers and artists who are passionate about producing the highest quality of entertainment for your event.​ We have everything your event needs, from ​Circus Artists, Musicians, Dancers, DJs, Actors, and Décor Artists to make any event unforgettable.

​We specialise in producing outstanding bespoke entertainment, working closely with our clients to ensure the magic of their inspiration is made into reality.

From being surrounded by a hub of talented individuals working in a variety of creative artistic fields, Harley Fox created an agency to combine the artists, into becoming one of the most magical and passionate teams the UK has to offer.


All our artists are multi skilled and able to perform multiple acts at all type of events, which means you get outstanding value for your money. The Urban Fox Circus is dedicated to providing only the best quality of art and entertainment.


Harley Fox ​is an international performance artist whose passion and love for art shines through in her every step and movement.


Performing for over a decade, she has perfected her acts and costumes, working alongside incredible musicians including ​The Orb, Kaya Project, Eat Static, Banco De Gaia and Underworld​, she has also travelled worldwide entertaining at all events in countries such as Dubai, The Maldives and Portugal.


On stage Harley connects with her creative essence and delivers a captivating and powerful performance. As the founder of ​The Urban Fox Circus, Harley Fox​ has produced many shows and created many bespoke themes and events.


She hires only the most talented musicians and artists that share her love and determination for the art they create. She has dedicated her life to entertaining and providing unforgettable experiences through performance art.

"Creativity is the heartbeat of the collective. Encourage it wholeheartedly wherever you witness the sparks and keep the pulse alive."